john curnow

1771 - 1848


John Curnow Millett was the first child of Richard Oke Millett (1749-1832) and Jane Curnow (about 1742-1806), who married on 3 April 1770 at St Clement, Cornwall. John was born on 5 January 1771 at Penpol, Cornwall, and was baptised on 9 January 1771 at Phillack. He was educated at Pembroke College, University of Oxford, matriculating on 2 April 1789; he graduated B.A. in 1793.

He was a clergyman. John married first Mary Thomas (1769-1801) on 16 November 1797 at Phillack; they had 2 children, John Thomas Millett (1798-1873) and Mary Millett (1800-1887). John married second Mary Honey (1788-1859) on 5 February 1806 at Lansallos; between 1807 and 1826 they had 10 children.

John lived at Trewen in Lannarth and Penpol, Cornwall. He was a Partner in the Deed of 1828 in the Cornish Copper Company. John died on 13 January 1848 at Penpol aged 77, and was buried on 19 January 1848 at Phillack. [ Tony Millett NZ ]


1841 - Penpol, Phillack, Redruth, Cornwall, England

Phillack Church


A caution to tenants
R.O. Millett, esq. and the Rev. J.C. Millett v. W. Jacka.  
On the 11th inst. a writ of enquiry of damages was executed at Truro, before Joseph Edwards, esq. Under-Sheriff of this County. The action was brought for sundry breaches of covenant contained in defendant’s lease which expired at Michaelmas last, such as for not repairing the buildings and fences, for omitting to sow proper grass seed, for cutting the furze at an improper growth, &c. &c. and respectable witnesses having proved the injury sustained, the Jury returned a verdict for £64.
Source: Royal Cornwall Gazette (Truro) Saturday 18 April 1812.

Dissolution of partnership
NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, Ambrose Oxley, Leonard Millett, William Millett, John Curnow Millett, Daniel Bamfield, William Richards, William Harris, Thomas Hichens, John Budge; Francis Edmonds, John Polkinghorne, Francis Jenkyns, William Burgess, and William Hichens, carrying on business as Tallow-Chandlers, in the Town of Marazion, in the County of Cornwall, in the name or style of the Marazion Candle Concern, hath been this day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons having any demand on the said concern are requested to apply to Mr. William Hichens, of Saint Ives, in the said County, Attorney at Law, who is appointed by us to arrange and settle the affairs thereof, and to whom all debts owing to the said concern are to be forthwith paid. — Dated the 8th day of May 1835. 
Source: London Gazette 12 June 1835, p. 1128. 

Trewen, for a considerable period the seat of the family of Dandy, has long been occupied as a farm house. Over the chief entrance were placed the initials and date T. D., 1666, B. D. 
From the Rev. John Curnow Millett, the late proprietor, the estate has passed to Mrs Mary Anne Allpress and Dr. Millett. 
Source: Polsue, Joseph. A complete parochial history of the County of Cornwall, compiled from the best authorities and corrected and improved from actual survey. Truro, William Lake, 1867-1872. 4 v. Vol. 3, p. 37.

An inquest was held at Hayle on Saturday last on the body of the Rev. J. C. Millett, who died at his residence at Penpol, on the night of the 12th inst. From the evidence given it appeared that the rev. gentleman had been for many years past suffering from indigestion and its attendant consequences, and had lately slept by himself. He retired to bed early in the evening, apparently not worse than usual, but in the morning, not rising at his accustomed hour, one of the inmates on going into his bedroom discovered him dead. His appearance indicated that he must have died some hours before he was discovered, and from the unruffled state of the bed clothes, his death must have taken place without a struggle. Verdict “Found Dead”.
Source: Royal Cornwall Gazette (Truro) Friday 21 January 1848.

The Hayle station of the West Cornwall Railway is situate on the estate of Penpol; the residence called Penpol House is very close to the station, and has been the seat of the Milletts and their ancestors for many generations. The last owner and occupier was the late Rev. John C. Millett, who was found dead in his bed on the morning of the 13th January, 1848, after the family had breakfasted. He had been a little unwell from indigestion, and was on sick diet the day previous, and took in bed, on retiring to rest at night, a breakfast cup of arrowroot and brandy. The next morning he was found dead exactly in the same position as that in which he placed himself after taking the arrowroot. He slept in a room alone. A coroner’s jury, at an inquest held at Penpol, on the 15th of January, 1848, decided that the cause of the sudden death of the Rev. J. C. Millett was “eating too heartilly,” and they returned a verdict accordingly.
Source: Glasgow Herald (Glasgow) Saturday 30 January 1864.

West Cornwall Railway. --The late unfavourable weather and the short days have prevented the contractor of the West Cornwall Railway from proceeding with the work with any vigour. The line is begun near the Hayle causeway, and a few men are employed thereon; but a number of navvies or excavators are at Hayle waiting to be employed, and are suffering much privations in consequence of their not being able to obtain work; while others are daily arriving from various quarters. They appear to be a stout, hardy race of men, and their conduct hitherto has been harmless and honest; but they are literally starving. Mrs. [Mary] Millett, widow of the Rev. J. C. Millett, and mother of Dr. R. O. Millett, with her usual and praiseworthy liberality, has opened a soup kitchen at Penpoll, purposely for the unfortunate navvies, and gives to as many as feel inclined to come, one good meal a day. On Sunday morning last, 27 of them partook of a hearty breakfast in the kitchen, and a much larger number took dinner there on Monday, and her number of guests is daily increasing. She intends to continue her bounty, until the poor fellows can procure employment. 
Source: Royal Cornwall Gazette Friday 7 February 1851, p. 4.


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